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Magnesium Power with Sid & Jac

Magnesium Power with Sid & Jac

Sid and Jac are women entrepreneurs, who offer beauty and personal care products with magnesium as the base ingredient. The brand’s objective is to utilise the minerals that nature has to offer to come up with all-natural products that are safe for the users.

What inspired you to launch Sid & Jac?

When Jacqueline and I couldn't find a natural way to relax, we went out and found delicious minerals that we could soak and spray. Our philosophy is to have fun and relax. We want our tribe to feel happy and calm - a feeling that we were chasing when we started.

What is your most popular product or service, what really makes your customers & clients get excited?

Our most popular product is CALM, our magnesium spray. It is highly concentrated magnesium chloride that you can spray on your skin before bed, after sports/work out or use as a deodorant that may support your muscles relax. 

We get great feedback on this product on how it has helped people sleep deeper.


What are your top 5 apps for optimising how you run your business?

Instagram, Facebook, Shopify, Xero, Insighttimer 

Instagram or Facebook?

We have both Instagram and Facebook 

@sidandjac and facebook.com/sidandjac

Do you have a dream stockist for the brand?

We have always wanted to be stocked in the Hamptons USA, MECCA, Harrods. We align ourselves with lifestyle stores + fitness & wellbeing.

What has been your highlight for the brand since launching?

Getting to work with each other is a massive highlight, which is second to the joy we feel when we hear customers stories on how Sid & Jac has added to their lives and they feel happy and calm giving themselves more clarity.

What advice do you have for other business owners looking to launch their business?

Spend more time upfront on your business strategy and test your product before investing in inventory. Ask people you admire for advice. Never take advice from anyone you wouldn't want to be.

What has been your biggest learning so far?

Don't be afraid to look silly. You will never have all the answers, be open to consistent learning, and enjoy the ride. Be prepared to fail and make mistakes, as these end up being the biggest learning. Trial and Error - make it your friend and have fun with it. Don't take yourself too seriously.

Apart from grant funding, what other gold nuggets should businesses take advantage of? (Networking, groups, guest speaking, PR etc.)

Align your brand with events/brands you can collaborate with, this can boost your following and it is a cost effective way for your brand to be seen. Tanya is a former professional athlete, we have used her contacts in the US and in Australia to promote our products and clothing. We have gone to local networking events. 

What exciting things can we look forward to for the brand in 2020?

We have been working on some exciting products. Working on sustainability clothing and further products that align with our vision to bring happiness and calmness feeling to our tribe.

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