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About Us

KP Retail began organically as a way to help businesses who were reaching out for grant funding help and guidance. With a strong belief in a no-ego approach to business, KP Retail combines a positive and empathetic attitude with their extensive knowledge, offering support to their clients through the life cycle of their businesses.

KP Retail takes on a fresh approach to business, placing high importance on only working with clients who align with their values, ensuring that they can be a wholehearted believer in every founder’s goals.

Always maintaining a positive, authentic and generous presence, KP Retail offers funding without ego, essential knowledge and support for businesses both big and small.



Sydney, Australia


For the past 6 years we have been working together with our Grant Partners to accomplish positive results for our clients. In addition to that, we also have 15+ years experience in the digital and fast-growth technology industry working with over 150+ Australian businesses and entrepreneurs over this time.


We were originally exposed to EMDG grants through our own businesses and have continued to help others achieve similar success.  


Our mission is to help your business achieve success. We use our tools and knowledge to help open doors and expand the opportunities available to your business. We can help take your business to the next level by assisting with business grants and growth opportunities.

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