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Meet the digital marketing leaders Word of Mouth Collective

Meet the digital marketing leaders Word of Mouth Collective

We sat down with Tash Williams from Word Of Mouth Collective to chat all things marketing in 2021, the new normal in retail. 

Who are the brains behind WOMC?

WOMC was founded by co-founder and brother Alex and I over three years ago by sheer chance. I had been working in scaling startups and the digital space at the enterprise level with brands like H&M and Alex was working as Growth Hacker in the Fintech space. Between us we have over 20 years of digital experience and are both obsessed with the challenge of problem-solving solutions for our clients. 


What inspired WOMC to launch?

We had both been working as consultants in the digital field, relying on each other's expertise for clients. We realised there was a huge synergy between our skillsets, and as siblings, an incredibly similar work ethic and value system- the growth of the agency was so organic that it was a seamless next step for us. We both originally came from the startup world and moved into huge enterprise-level businesses, so we saw a real need for a boutique, skilled agency to cover off every aspect of ecommerce growth. 


What type of clients are you working with for WOMC & how to you help them grow their businesses?


We are looking for clients who are willing to invest the time and energy collectively to grow and reach their goals. We don't work as a siloed agency, we are very much an extension of your team. We sit in on Monday commercial meetings for our clients, in design and R&D meetings, give advice and feedback on a professional and personal level. We're here to grow together- any client that is keen to do the work alongside us, is our kind of partner!

We help businesses grow from a strategic point of view. We sign an NDA and take an immediate look under the "hood" of your business. Every business is different- and the opportunities and challenges that they face are never the same. We review channel mix, conversion rates, KPI metrics like CPC and CPA and come up with a roadmap based on growth goals that make sense for everyone involved. We are in the business of supporting clients to grow sustainably, and to work together ongoing- many of our clients have been with us since we launched! It becomes purely a numbers game at this point- its all about reviewing your revenue goals, and figuring out all the puzzle pieces for this. 


Do you think there is still lots of opportunities for brands in this new normal?


Absolutely! Although we can't deny it has been a challenging time in the past 12 months, we have seen an incredible amount of growth when brands and clients pivot quickly to focus on opportunity segments in the market as they present themselves. Things are changing so quickly and so we make it a focus to build in a rapid response system to mitigate risks and seize opportunities as they come. In particular sectors, we have seen 3-400% growth YOY from 19-20, so there is absolutely still opportunity there. 


How is PPC & FB Ads different in 2021 vs 2020?


So much has changed over the last few months. The biggest thing to remember with and paid channel, is that you can't rely on any one channel for revenue. Things can change at the drop of a hat. We focus on diversifying the marketing mix to ensure that whatever happens, we have failsafes in place for revenue growth. The iOS changes are the biggest effect to performance on PPC and FB Ads- we have been forced to think smarter and be innovative in our tracking and reporting to ensure that we are still delivering accurate conversions to our clients. 


What does WOMC do specifically to help brands? What channels do you work across?


We are full service- and we specifically hire our team to be experts in fields that service the entire pipeline. We start from first touch point and continue on to last. This ensures that the end to end process for customers is seamless, easy and encourages them to re-engage, increasing their lifetime value. We work on everything form content and brand strategy, to performance marketing, to conversion rate optimization and loyalty programs. We also produce events and manage influencer campaigns. Our team's experience spans everything from Westpac to H&M, The Iconic, David Jones, Sydney Theatre Company and more. We look for niche experts that really excel at their chosen field!


Is there a minimum budget brands should have to work with WOMC? (EMDG Claimable)

For best performance, we'd ideally suggest a total allocated budget of between $4-6K as a starting point, however, we really don't like to cookie-cutter approach revenue and budget allocations and work with each client to ensure it makes sense within their margins. 


Who are some of your favourite clients?


I have got to say, we are so lucky to work with clients we genuinely love and appreciate professionally and personally. Some of our clients like 1001 Optical have been with us from almost the start, and their e-commerce only growth rate has been astronomical over the last 18 months which puts a huge smile on our faces! We love seeing innovation in products like Dock & Bay - who got their start on Shark Tank in the UK and are now taking the world over one towel at a time!


Any fun things happening for WOMC in 2021?


We have a few new exciting things in the works for 2021. One of which being a new concept for advisory- which we can talk about more in a few weeks! We're also launching products that are easy to implement yourself- things like abandoned cart automation flows to increase conversion rate. We've also four weeks away from launching our new podcast network- more on that soon! 


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